Advanced IT Solutions
By Dedicated Team

We deliver custom web and mobile applications to customers
who need more than Wordpress-like solutions are able to offer.

Our Solutions


Creating a website includes the structure of the menu, content writing and mobile-friendly UX design. The content of the website can be managed by a unique and user-friendly content management system, which is tailored to cater each customer. The fully working website is handed over together with the SEO solution, and the necessary documents are submitted to the Google search engine. For each website, we offer a management service that includes web hosting, domain extensions, email addresses and support.


We create an e-shop that is user-friendly, fast and easily found in search engines. We develop a separate management system for each e-commerce solution, where the warehouse, orders and other dynamic content can be managed. Based on the customer’s needs, we craft special solutions for the e-store software. We hand over the fully working e-shop together with the SEO solution and submit the necessary documents to the Google search engine. In addition, we offer a management service for each e-store, which includes web server hosting, domain extensions, email addresses and support. As the e-shop is one of the company’s most important sales channels, as an additional service we also provide increased preparedness, which means that critical work is done as a top priority.

UX / UIDesign

Each web application has a specific purpose and our aim is to cater the user’s needs. To do this, we design the respective routes through which the user reaches the desired result. The success of each web application depends on its analytics. To achieve the purpose, we set up Google Analytics at the end of the project, which will make it easy to measure results. We focus on the bottlenecks of the user experience and make improvements so that the purpose of the web application can entirely be fulfilled.

ContentManagement System

All websites created by us contain a unique and user-friendly content management system or CMS. Content management is necessary to change the content of a website, be it a simple change in the text or adding a banner ad. When planning, we map the client’s needs and craft a system that does not contain excessive noise. This makes the website fast, secure and easily manageable. Unlike WordPress, Drupal or other free-to-use universal solutions, our system does not need to be constantly updated. This ensures the stable functioning and saves time. You can add a Vellex CMS to existing websites, and we also offer moving to Vellex from Wordpress and other platforms.

MobileApp Development

We create customized mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Our mobile apps include scalable architecture and graphic design. Development work is based on React Native and Node.js. If required, we consider LAMP as a reliable mobile app backend, and integrate an API. Besides, our service includes creating accounts in Apple and Google Play stores. When the project is completed, we prepare the necessary documents and upload the mobile app. A critical part of the mobile app is the follow-up service that we are willing to offer for any launched project.

BusinessManagement Software

We deliver custom made business management software that has everything you need without any noise around it. Having it, your way makes it easy to use and brings joy for your employees and customers. Our team will get to know your business from inside out and maps your needs while detecting possible bottlenecks. Custom made business management software is opening up a new set of tools that will bring your business to the next level. All our solutions are scalable, and we are here to support your growth. Whether you are a small business owner or a bigger enterprise, there is a great number of activities every day. Avoid chaotic workflow and convert bottlenecks into revenue.

CustomerRelationship Management

CRM provides a good overview of the company’s customer base and sales performance. The CRM system gives the company a long-term advantage over competitors and increases the value of the company. When creating the system, we consider the company’s future growth and assume that new needs may arise which must be integrated into the existing system. This requires more detailed planning in the database structure and code architecture when starting a project.


We create a personal booking system that helps to automate daily business scheduling. Our systems are scalable and easily developed catering the needs of the customer. The booking system can be easily compatible with CRM. The standard solution includes account registration, login, booking, automatic queue management, email notifications, back-end times and user management. We also provide an SMS notification solution for all mobile numbers in the world. It is possible to integrate the booking system with an existing website.


Our partnership with the largest Estonian hosting provider Zone, whose servers are in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, ensures that the websites are fast, regardless of the location of the users. All systems are monitored 24/7/365 and technicians are immediately ready to react to errors. Content hosted on servers is backed up once a day. Constant updates ensure that our software runs efficiently and withstands a large number of concurrent visitors.

IT ProjectManagement & Consultation

With over 10 years of experience in web development, we are ready to launch projects of different sizes and degrees of complexity. Our team is international and that’s why we are able to manage projects that need cooperation between different countries. We also offer IT project management for projects already in progress. If needed, we carry out an audit of the projects that have already been launched.

Custom Coding Solutions

Custom Solutions

If you need to create something that a regular web or mobile application can't provide, please contact us. We map the requirements and come up with the best possible solution.

Why Us?

Our aim is to grow with the project and we believe that when our clients are satisfied, we will prosper.
During the ten years, we have been successful in several complex areas. Our long-term clients are in the insurance, banking, logistics, rental and manufacturing sectors.
We put our hearts into our work and that’s why we are one of the best in our field.